As developer and supplier of medical products for prevention of decubitus we study, select and provide products and services for anti-decubitus products.

We are a wholesale white labeled company for dealers. If you are an end user (e.g. hospital, clinic or consumer), please contact us and our nearest reseller will contact you.

We deliver most items directly from our large stock! Request a quote now!

We commit to provide the best solutions for every necessity with maximum respect for the conditions of the patient and Existing regulations. We commit to collaborate with our clients to build a long lasting partnership fostering maximum satisfaction for both parties.

Ronald Keetels, C.T.O. Bos Medical International B.V.

Unique Selling Points of Bos Medical International B.V.

  • Small quantities possible
  • Over 30 years of experience in developing anti decubitus products with our clients
  • Delivery from our own stock, speed delivery possible
  • Print your own logo on our products (white label production)
  • High service
    • Flexible exchange policy
    • Fast exchange service
  • Only the best quality products:
    • extra thick layered, liner, gel products for durability
    • Silent and small size pumps (20-25 dBA)
    • High quality mattress tubes
  • Very competitive prices
  • Ask our dealers why they buy with us (references available)
  • No child labour in our production process
  • Wide range of AD products which matches the patient wish combined with medical restrictions
  • We appoint a maximum number of dealers per country.
  • We are known for our flexibility, low pricing and efficiency

Since 30 years you can find our products (anti-decubitus mattresses/pumps/wheelchair cushions) in home care, hospitals, operation rooms and clinics all over the world.

If you are interested, please contact Bos Medical international BV for all your enquiries or details of your nearest retailer.

We are very flexible and are able to realize custom made products at a very competitive price.

Quality is the most important issue for Bos Medical International BV