Anti decubitus mattress cell in cell 10
Anti decubitus mattress cell in cell 10 inch

What you should look at with a anti decubitus air mattress. There are some aspects that are most important when buying a anti decubitus mattress. Let us sum op the most important quality aspects for a long lasting and low maintenance mattress.

Anti decubitus air mattress quality aspects:

  • Flexibility of the airtubes
    • Hard tubes will tear apart
  • The air tube connectors (that connect to the air pump) will fall out or do not fit when the wrong (non flexible) material is used
  • Quality of the seals of the tubes
  • The durability of the material of the Band holding together the tubes
  • Quality of the CPR
  • A high qulity, flexible and washable cover of the air mattress
  • We continue develop and customise our mattresses