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  • Why do you use the gel pads?

    It releases pressure , protect against skin break and it provides stability. Plus it keeps the skin cool.

  • When do you use the gel pads?

    During surgery.

  • Where can the gel pads be used?

    In hospitals, dental rooms, laser institutes, medical institutes etc.

  • Can the gelpad be used during X-ray?

    The gel items are radiolucent. So can be used during X-ray. Products are non-conductive.

  • How can the gelpad be cleaned?
    • Use standard operating room cleaning agents, avoiding soaking products for long periods in cleaning fluid;
    • Do not use alcohol.
  • What if you cut the pad accidentaly?

    If you cut the pad with a knife or cutter, the gel will not flow out, because it is not liquid. The gel is just sticky. So it can be repaired with 3m Scotch tape.

    (as temperory solution)

  • Are the gel tested?

    There are tests done on: cytotoxicity, maximization sensitization, skin irritation. All tests were passed.

  • Where are the pads made of?

    Our products are made of PU gel. With a Pu liner. The outer film is not multilayer.

    We are using 4 thinkness of films from 0.1mm 0.15mm, 0.23mm & 0.3mm based on weight and shape of items.

  • How are the gelpads packed?

    Each item is packed in an individual box. Without any brand name on it.

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