Anti decubitus alternating air mattress qualityAnti decubitus alternating air mattress quality is important when buying these types of mattresses. When comparing these anti decubitus mattresses we look at the following aspects:

Anti decubitus alternating air mattress quality

  • Type of material
    • there is a broad variety of materials being used. From PU to Nylon TPU and these materials exist in different qualities as well. Look at the tubes, the cover, the foam etcetera.
  • Seals
    • There is a big variety in seals of theses mattresses. Some seals leak very easily.
  • Hoses
    • A lot of hoses are not flexible and leak easily or will not fit the CPC connector anymore
  • CPR
  • Cover
    • A cover needs to last long, needs to be washable and durable.
    • Does the color and the printing, we can even print your own logo, stay on and fresh when in use and washed.
  • Foam
    • There is also a broad variety of foams and where the foam is being placed within the mattress. Does this foam have any effect of does is loose its function after a few months due to poor quality?
  • CPC connector
    • What brand CPC connector is being used
    • Does it have a one way valve in it
    • How durable is the connector before it starts leaking
  • The durability of the material of the Band holding together the tubes