Anti decubitus air mattress cell on cell 5 inch


This Anti decubitus air mattress 5 inch has a cell on cell base, 23 x 5″ Nylon TPU aircells, which provides an additional protection and prevents the patient from “bottoming out”on the bed platform. All the bottom cells stay static all the time. The uppercells alternate in a-b.

This mattress has 3 static head cells and 7 ventilated cells.

As with most Bos International mattresses developed for alternating pressure, this product can be attached to both the analogue pump ST160 and digital Bos pumps (ST260 & ST760).

Prevention or treatment
Category: Medium-high pressure care

Decubitus stage 1-2-3+

Anti decubitus air mattress 5 inch

Covers can be printed with your own logo. Also available from stock in small quantities.

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